U.S. Republicans Launch Full-Scale Environmental Assault

The new Republican majority in both houses of Congress are wasting no
time in following their fearless leader, the Toxic Texan, to continue
rolling back years of successful environmental protections. In past
days the Republican control house has loaded destructive anti-
environmental riders to an important series of budget bills. The move
has drawn protest from Democrats and moderate Republicans alike.
Despite having outright control of government, several hard core
Republican eco-marauders refuse to give environmental issues of
monumental importance the deliberative debate it deserves, and instead
are seeking to open America's largest forest wilderness to logging as
“riders” to budget bills.
The latest news today is that to reach agreement on the final bill,
lawmakers agreed to narrow provisions that would have allowed more
logging in Alaska's Tongass National Forest, and are outlined below.
But dangerous environmental riders remain – the extent of which is
still unknown and not yet finalized. Extensive additional coverage
can be found at: http://forests.org/america/ .
In just the past weeks the Bush's oil oligarchy beholden
administration has announced plans to relax toxic emission standards,
derailed UN plan to curb mercury emissions, turned National Parks into
snowmobile playgrounds, granted tax credits for SUVs, sought delay on
the UN methyl bromide ban which damages the ozone layer, included ANWR
oil drilling revenues in its budget despite the fact that drilling is
currently illegal in this wildlife refuge, given token funding for
hydrogen cars 20 years from now while refusing to support hybrids and
greater fuel efficiency now, reduced protections for wetlands, refused
to grant protection for the CA Spotted Owl and mulled forcing
Europeans to take American genetically modified “Frankenfoods”.
Not a bad week's work when you consider the Bush imperial regime is
also working to preemptively conquer foreign lands, occupy mid-east
oil reserves, and cut civil liberties – all to shroud their failure to
catch the terrorists that attacked America, and to ensure America's
continued gluttonous consumption of oil.
The basis of biological life – land, air, oceans and water – is being
desecrated by this fascist, war-mongering, scorched Earth
The pendulum will swing our way again – and this outrageous
dismantling of decades of environmental protections under the fog of
war will come back to haunt this and following Republican leaders.
Nonetheless, our best bet is to lobby the handful of moderate
Republicans that understand conservation is deeply conservative, and
that there can be no economy without ecology.

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