Why the Global Deep Freeze in Era of Global Warming

This Editorial in the Boston Globe, entitled “Why the global deep freeze“, does a
marvelous job of showing how an increase in global average temperatures
can – and is – leading to wildly fluctuating weather. This is particularly true in
regard to the recent cold waves effecting much of the World.
The basic point to keep in mind is that the correct term for changes in climate
caused largely by human activities is climate change – not global warming.
While it is true that the average global temperature is rising, there is
tremendous variability how how changing complex weather cycles are
impacting regionally and locally.
Global climate change will be full of surprises. We are witnessing more
erratic and extreme weather. And the recent cold wave is largely the result
of melting Arctic ice. This cold water is entering the oceans and changing
global ocean circulation.
It is terribly important that we move past the one-dimensional notion of
global warming and educate the world regarding the threat of widely erratic,
rapid and dangerous global climate change.

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