Roads and rainforests do not mix

Roads and rainforests do not mix. Perhaps the greatest ultimate cause of
Amazonian rainforest deforestation and diminishment is the construction of
roads that fragment previously intact large rainforest ecosystems. The roads
themselves cause damage and fragment habitats, but most importantly they
facilitate so many follow on activites. A new report found that strict protection
of forests adjacent to roadline
may limit illegal logging and other invasions. If
a road must be built, it should not necessarily doom the entire region to
biological decimation.

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  1. cassia says:

    Please please please do something to stop devastation of the Amazon. Humans don't need stakes for dinner. We must find a way to stop devastation urgent by promoting activists in the schools of Brasil, and in the United States the biggest importer of Brazilian meat industry. Do something urgent. Furthermore, what are the Brazilian professors teaching in the American Universities…Capitalism and destruction of environment. Do something for the sake of the animals, brazilian indians and ecology in general. The Amazon does not belong to the Brazilian government it belongs to the Brazilian people. Please stop devastation now.

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