Bush Administration an Abysmal Environmental Mess

Bush has made more than 50 policy changes on environment
Carbon dioxide won the elections
Bush Record on Environment Called Dismal
The Bush administration is deviously dismantling decades of environmental
protections. The above articles point out his dismal record on the environment
that is truly unexcusable. As the World's ecosystems begin collapsing and
society falls back into barbarity, as is likely around mid-century, the Bush
administration will be remembered as the Hitleresque regime that carried out,
irreversibly completing, the final ecocide on the human race…
How can a man that purports to love the outdoors and has
his own ranch to wander through be so completely uneducated regarding
ecology? Our existence is primarily biological and ecological in nature. No
ecology, no economy or any other aspects of human society. It is a damn
shame really – there is every indication that the World could embrace
increased efficiency, more equitable and less consumptive lifestyles, and
develop renewable energy while embarking on the age of ecological
restoration. A relatively high standard of living could be provided for most
if not all of the Earth's citizens. It requires leadership that is more concerned
with the welfare of future generations, and less concerned with subsidizing
oil industry cronies. Bush's ecological vandalism is serious stuff, and threatens
the World as never before.

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